Introducing StaticDeploy - The Open-Source Platform for Deploying Static Apps! StaticDeploy platform is designed to simplify the deployment and management of static websites and web applications. It is a modern infrastructure-as-code tool that allows developers to automate the deployment of their static assets to the cloud. With StaticDeploy, developers can define their infrastructure using a simple YAML configuration file, which specifies the necessary resources, such as containers, volumes, and networks. They can then use the platform's CLI tool to build and deploy their code to the cloud. StaticDeploy provides an intuitive dashboard that allows developers to manage their deployments, view logs, and roll back to previous versions if necessary. It also supports integrations with popular source control systems like GitHub, making it easy to trigger deployments automatically whenever code is pushed to a specific branch. One of the major benefits of StaticDeploy is that it is designed to be highly scalable and reliable, with built-in features like load balancing and automatic scaling of resources based on traffic. It also provides robust security features, such as HTTPS encryption and SSH access to containers, making it a secure platform for deploying static websites and web applications.