Height is an all-in-one project management tool designed to streamline and enhance your project management processes. With a range of features and visualizations, Height aims to help individuals and teams organize, collaborate, and automate project tasks efficiently. Here's an overview of Height's key features: 1. Visualize and Manage Tasks: Spreadsheet: Manage tasks in a spreadsheet format, including attributes like assignees, due dates, and statuses. Kanban Board: Visualize project states and tasks on a Kanban board with editable columns for effective subsectioning. Calendar: Get a bird's-eye view of your project schedule, plan ahead, and coordinate tasks with drag-and-drop functionality. Gantt: Create clear project timelines, set dates, and adjust task details with ease. 2. Discuss in Context, in Real-Time: Chat: Keep work-related conversations focused in one place. Status Updates: Maintain a history of task changes and receive notifications for relevant updates