AppSumo is an online marketplace that offers discounted deals on a variety of digital products and services, including software, courses, ebooks, and more. The platform partners with developers and entrepreneurs to offer exclusive deals and discounts to its user base. AppSumo's mission is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed by providing access to affordable and high-quality resources. The platform offers a range of products and services that can help businesses with various aspects of their operations, such as marketing, customer management, project management, and more. AppSumo operates on a "deal model," where users can purchase lifetime access to a product or service at a significantly discounted price. These deals are only available for a limited time, typically for a few weeks or until the product or service runs out of stock. Users can sign up for a free AppSumo account to access the platform's deals and offers. The platform also offers a "Plus" subscription service that provides additional benefits, such as early access to deals and exclusive perks.